Hi. I love fashion and all things creative. I am a night owl that loves smiling and laughing until it hurts. My passion is fashion designing and pattern cutting but I also love reading, shopping, crafts and travelling. 

I am a graduate of London Metropolitan University, where I majored in Fashion and Pattern Cutting. I have worked in the fashion industry as a Design Assistant, Trainee Pattern Cutter and freelance Technical teacher.

MOYAAH is an independent London fashion label, creating unique fashion for stylish women, children and men. Never trend led, it produces eye-catching garments, effortlessly allowing people to stand out from the crowds and be noticed. Creating strong, wearable pieces, MOYAAH offers a striking blend of designs with its modern, edgy and unique style.

MOYAAH clothes are all unique and hand-made by me, almost all items are one-of-a-kind, or else in very small quantities. MOYAAH is fun and trendy and possesses its own bold, individual style, which unashamedly celebrates colour. Highlighting the confidence of today’s people, it is a brand that speaks directly to expressive and ambitious individuals. 

I started my fashion and beauty blog to document my love of creativity from what I'm working on, what inspires me, pattern cutting and sewing techniques to random fashion and beauty stuff that I find interesting.

For the budding fashion designer, pattern cutting fans or anyone just generally interested in fashion and beauty, I hope you enjoy my blog and love hearing from readers via post comments, email, or facebook. So please don’t be shy

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Rolana Moyaah xx