11 November 2012

My Week on Instagram #1

lynnike and sefa bbc 1xtra talent bang radio my week on instagram

my week on instagram photos
My life on instagram (follow me @ohsewfashion)

Left to right, top to bottom:

1. Gorgeous nail art that I totally love, especially the dice pattern. One day I WILL get round to trying  these!

2. Me taking a quick snap before heading off to work.

3. This beige coat with gold spike studs is a must have! Love it... I have loads of studs and spikes so I think i'm going to do a customisation post very soon!

4. Oh my gosh I am soooo obsessed with these Belvita breakfast biscuits. Breakfast biscuits my ass- I eat them them ALL the time, I must get through almost a pack within two days! Not great I know but in my defence it's much better than eating crap food like crisps and chocolates!

5. I am so proud of Lynnike and Sefa, especially Lynnike (my sister www.cherrylipscocoahips.com)... they work extremely hard and are trying to break through in radio. They have been grinding for years and have been on London's best community radio station, Bang FM (www.wearebang.com) for a hot minute. They have been given the opportunity to present a show on BBC radio 1xtra! YAAAAAAAY! I am so happy for them, I literally am smiling from ear to ear! Anyhoo enough blabbering, go check them out (www.lynnikeandsefa.blogspot.com) and make sure you tune into BBC 1xtra and listen to them! 

6. My brown riding boots are the one... they are so comfortable that I pratcically live in them... I  actually went back and brought a second pair in black! I don't know how I managed to do it but I got the price down to £10 for the brown ones and £15 for the black ones- they were both originally £40!!! (I think they were last stock so they were trying to get rid of them plus they both had a rip on the buckle but who cares?! I just did the same to the other side to make it look like that was the style!). Of course I couldn't return them but as i botheres? errrrm no! BARGAIN!

7. Hahahahahahaha! I saw this pic on my friend's instagram and just had to repost! It's hilarious!

8. When my sister and I went to see Joss Stone at Shepherds Bush Empire a few weeks back (she was totally amazing by the way) we popped into the famous Ochi- a gorgeous caribbean takeaway- and Misha B popped in! Couldn't resist getting a photo with her... I do love her voice.

9. I am working on a little black dress which has a slightly curved v neckline at the front and a deep v neckline at the back. I am a pattern cutter but I have recently started learning freehand cutting (I am still trying to get my head round it!) but as confusing as it can get I do really enjoy it and once you know what you are doing, it is a lot quicker, although nothing beats the good old fashioned way as it's much more precise.

10. Me and one of my best friends, Nikki were getting ready for a drunken night out up central London. She's going travelling at the end of the month for six months and I am really really going to miss her.

11. I wrote this on Tweegram as a reminder to myself because I am a perfectionist looking for perfection in my work, which isn't necessarily a good thing as it can make me work quite slow, meaning that I am not always as productive as I know I can be... but I'm working on it!


  1. That studded jacket ( no. 3) WOW is all i can say. Where is it from?

  2. Replies
    1. I know, they're so creative! I would love to do this myself but I struggle to put plain nail varnish on neatly so my nails will just end up looking a hot mess!

  3. It lush isn't it?! It's just a normal coat that has been customised. xx

  4. Holy crap that jacket is amazing!

  5. Great pics! I so love the nails. They look so classy and elegant. I so love the designs, extraordinary.

    1. I know! So creative. I really want my nails like the dice ones! xx