18 October 2012

Nail Art Swag

I love painting my nails, although I must admit I am not very good at it!!! I usually end up getting the paint all around the edges of my nails! I love black nail varnish and bright colours like pinks, reds and purples, but I am just not that creative when it comes to decoration. Believe me I would love to experiment more but it's my hands fault. For some reason, when painting my nails, my silly hands are not that steady so it will most definitely end up looking a hot mess! Such a shame!

There are so many amazing posts on creative things people do with their nails that I think I will definitely have to attempt it again very soon or better still... get my fabulous sister to do them!

I especially like the nail wrap designs...SO much easier to apply and they look so funky! NCLA nail wraps have had some great reviews and their prints are gorgeous... I can't wait to try these out. Bring on the vibrant prints and colors!!!!! Here are a few of my favourite nail designs and wraps that I have seen so far...

american flag nails, red nails, blue nails

ncla, black nails, white nails, stripy nails

black nail art, black nails

ncla nails, nail wraps, lace wraps

lace wraps, pink nail art

matte black nails, nail art


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  2. tu peux nous dire comment tu fait stp?