28 October 2012

Red Lipstick Black Skin

I love bright colours. Usually the brighter the better but when it comes to lipsticks or lipgloss i'm not too sure. I have very full lips so I do love to fill them in with colour but until recently I just stuck to darker colours like plum or chocolate colours as I felt safe in these toned down hues. BORING!

My sister on the other hand loves bright lipsticks and lipglosses and she looks gorgeous in them. She tends to wear bright pinks and reds, which makes her lips stand out from a mile away! Anyhoo, she finally persuaded me to try and venture out to a brighter lipstick and all I can say is i'm bloody glad I did! 

black girl red lipstick
I have on MAC Media Lipstick, which is a deep/dark reddened brown colour and 
i've applied clear lipgloss on top. My sister is wearing a cherry pink Rimmel lipgloss.

Yesterday, I excitedly popped into Superdrug and like a child in a sweety shop went around all the beauty stands trying on the bright coloured lipsticks. I have brought expensive lipsticks in the past such as MAC and Rimmel but because I was buying a bright colour for the first time (and knowing me there would be a possibility that I could change my mind when I got home), I thought i'd opt for a cheaper alternative. I narrowed it down to two brands- Collection (formerly known as Collection 2000) and Beauty UK...

Collection lipsticks had some great colours... Lasting Colour Lipstick Pink Shock and Valentine were my favourite although I did feel a bit of a wally in Pink Shock as I felt it was way too bright for my skin tone. This brand could have been a winner but I wasn't feeling the glittery tint that they had in them and for that reason they were out! 

collection long lasting lipstick samples

collection long lasting lipstick samples

So the next obvious choice was Beauty UK. I tried 3 bold colours- Passion, Innocent and Vampire. Passion is a semi-matte shocking bright, raspberry pink colour and it was lovely but again I don't really think it suits my skin shade. Innocent is cool too but again just not for me. 

beauty uk lipstick samples

However, I was sold on Vampire. It's LUSH! It's matte and the pigmentation is amazing. I only put on one coat and it stayed on for hours! Even when it did fade away after 4+ hours, it still left a nice red colour lip stain. The only thing I found was that because it is matte, I had to exfoliate my lips before I applied it. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the price too.... it's only £3.49... that's a fab bargain considering beside the colour, there's not much difference between this one and my mac lipstick! Think this shows expensive isn't always better!

beauty uk    vampire lipstick samples

beauty uk    vampire lipstick samples

To change it up a bit and just because I do like my lips to stand out, I'm going to apply lots of lipgloss on top of it so they are extra glossy every now and then. If I want it to stay bright i'll apply clear gloss but if I want to tone it down a bit, say for work for example, i will apply a gloss with a darker tint in it.

beauty uk vampire lipstick samples

It's funny because I always thought bright lipsticks on my dark skin was a no no but on other people I really liked it. Strange I know! I now realise that ANYONE- no matter what your skin colour is- can wear ANY colour of lipstick they want... they just need to find the right shade suitable for them. I absolutely love the way Beauty UK Vampire looks on my lips and i'm so glad I ventured out (late.com yes but I got there in the end!) and I have my beautiful sister to thank for that. 


  1. You really suit red lipstick, you look gorgeous :) I always love bright lip colours on other people but I never feel brave enough to go for it myself! xx


  2. You both look stunning with red lips!! X

  3. awww thank you girls xx Trust me I felt the same (it took me ages to do it lol) but I would just say go for it... I'm sure you'd look gorgeous in whatever colour you chose xx

    1. I do know what you mean; finding the right lippy can be quite difficult sometimes. But I think it's about finding the shade that's right for you and it's all about rocking what makes you feel good.
      Have you tried Rimmel, Dior or Mary Kay? They do some lovely reds and berry lipsticks.
      Which ever you go for, I'm sure you'll look gorgeous hun Xx

  4. Hey Lili Julian, I have tried Rimmel but in the lipgloss not the lipstick and I do love their colour range. I have heard Mary Kay do some lovely colours but I haven't yet tried them! That may just be my next purchase! I'm thinking to maybe venture onto a purpley colour next... but I think that will take A LOT more persuading!!! xx

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