23 October 2012

Quick Tip | Measuring Without A Ruler!

A quick and handy tip I have learnt over the years is to use my fingers to take small measurements if I do not have a ruler or tape measure to hand. I learned this little trick back at college in 2005 and it works a treat!

So as a guide my measurements are approx:

thumb: 2.5" or 5cm
index finger: 3" or 7.5cm
middle finger (usually the longest finger): 3.5" or 8.9cm
ring finger: 3" or 7.5cm
pinkie finger: 2.5" or 5cm

finger guide measurement
My thumb measures approx. 2.5" or 5cm
measuring without a guide
My index finger measures approx. 3" or 7.5cm

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