26 November 2012

My Week on Instagram #3

My life on instagram (follow me @ohsewfashion)

Left to right, top to bottom:

1. This black leather handbag is lush. I love the simplicity of it but yet it still looks chic and sophisticated. The gold tips on the shoes are really cute too!

2. Hahahaha! This made me chuckle. People that make up these photos are too funny. It's kinda true though... everyone is a model these days!

3. I love Rihanna with short hair, it really suits her and makes her that little bit more edgier. This pixies hair does make her look very boyish but it's still a really nice hairstyle.

4. Rihanna again... yes I can admit I do LOVE Rihanna! She's my girl crush. Wearing clashing prints are very on trend at the moment and Rihanna rocks it well. 

5. Mmmmmm hello Mr. This male model is gorgeous. I don't know his name but just look at his body! He has beautiful eyes too!

6. This was taken a few years back at my sister's birthday spa weekender. We had such a great time! I really miss my short hair, especially when it was red but it's all about au naturale now!

7. This photo needs no words... it's just too cute!

8. Marilyn Monroe is a true beauty. Classic.

9. This bridge (sorry I can't remember which one it is!) in London looks so pretty at night time.

10. I really like this leopard print off the shoulder black tshirt. Very cool... and easy to make!

11. This picture for me symbolises black beauty and love. I love everything about it, especially their natural hair.

12. This outfit looks great! Combining different size checks always look lush together!

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