19 November 2012

OOTD | Black & Gold Print Jumper

Black & gold print jumper, h&m
Black leggins, New Look
Red wedges, New Look
Accessories, Primark

Hi guys, hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was OK... well actually I was pretty much on my own and quite bored as my sister went to Paris for one of her friend's birthday. She has an urban lifestyle blog, which you can check out here

Anyhoo, before she went to Paris, we did a quick photoshoot. I LOVE this jumper. Not only is it really comfy and warm but the print is gorgeous. Most of my friend's don't like my jumper, they say it's too loud! TOO LOUD!!! Are they mad?! Ah, what do they know anyway! It has a gold and brown print all over the jumper. When I first saw it in h&m, I liked it but kept doubting whether to get it because I did think it was quite busy too and it would draw attention to me, which I don't really like, but whilst shopping around, I kept getting drawn back to it... so I thought what the heck... obviously I like it so stop being silly and just buy it. So glad I did! As the jumper is quite busy, I like to wear it with plain colours, usually dark colours like black... like I said I love prints but don't want to end up looking like an over decorated christmas tree!

I wanted quite dark and dramatic make up, hence the dark lipstick and heavy eyeliner. My day-to-day make up is VERY simple and quite natural so I thought i'd change it up a bit! As you guys know, I struggle majorly with my ticks when doing my eye makeup. Don't ask me why! I just can't seem to get the angle right for some reason lol. Applying eyeliner normally- without the ticks- is just fine... it's just those damn ticks! So I usually get my sister to do them for me or just don't bother with them at all, which is a shame because I think they can make your eyes look really pretty. If you have any tips for me on how to do it, it would be much appreciated!

So, what do you guys think of my jumper? Do you agree with most of my friends?!


  1. I love the jumper, it's cute!! <3 And looks cute with the red heels. Red heels always look great!
    And the jumper is not too loud, hahaha :D I don't agree with them.


    1. Ha! Glad you don't agree with my friends Natalie! xx

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  3. great jumper :) would u like follow each other?

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  5. love how the red shoes make the outfit pop.

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  6. I like the look! and your hair is super cute!

  7. That Jumper is the main business..luv it ..You luk Gorg btw :) x

  8. Looking good girl ;) Like it with the leggings! Work it!



  9. Lovely jumper!
    Perfect with red!