04 December 2012

My Week on Instagram #4

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dark skin black african model
My life on instagram (follow me @ohsewfashion)

Left to right, top to bottom:

1. This man's gold pyramid ring is DOPE!

2. This black African model looks stunning and her lipstick colour really stands out.

3. I love this male model's swag in this photo and his outfits looks nice too, plus he's gorgeous!

4. I love a crop denim jacket, they look great with almost anything.

5. These satchel bags are so cute and I love the colours.

6. Wise words!

7. Gorgeous dark skin black African model rocking purple lipstick.

8. This male model is just gorgeous! So handsome.

9. I like this guy's outfit, especially his Lil' Wayne tshirt.

10. Loving this photo of a dark skinned black African model. The contrast between her complexion and the gold makeup and accessories is beautiful.


  1. Satchel bag and male model are gorgeous. The dark skin is soo beautiful..I don't knw abt u but I'm always so scared of super bright lipstick against my dark skin..

  2. Yes they are gorgeous!I used to be scared of wearing bright colours but I love wearing red lipsticks now... think I may try purple one day! You should go for it, bet you'd look lovely. x

  3. I really like your instgram pictures:) The ring and the watch on the first picture are stunning as well as the last picture:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  4. LOVING this shot!