18 October 2012

Should Men Wear Harem Pants?

Hmmmmm... harem pants! Well I personally love harem pants as they are just so amazingly comfortable... but what about men in harems? If I am totally honest, I think I am 50/50 on this one...I mean, some men can wear them and pull off the look quite nicely but that's because they usually have some kind of swag going on!... others are an epic fail!

male print harem pants
These harems are my favourite. I love the print and the fit... erm, not so sure about the sandals though!

male print harem shorts
These are lovely, in fact I am loving the whole look! Love the 
clashing of the prints and the man bag. This dude has 
swagger. Check out his hair too!

black harem pants, skinny fit trousers
Erm I am not feeling this look that much... the leg is a little too 
tight for my liking and the jacket doesn't particularly go with the 
trouser so it's throwing me off a little. I do like that man bag though!

grey harem pants button trousers
I'm feeling the button/popper detail on these. 

male harem pants
NO NO NO! These are a total disaster! It looks like he's got 
a big grey nappy on.

asymmetric trousers. male harem pants
These are uber cool and I LOVE the asymmetric detail at the crutch.


  1. Personally as a man, I don't like this look at all. I don't care how much "swag" a man has got, this look ain't the one for ANYBODY!

    1. Ha! Fair play Danny, if it's not for you then that's cool... but I definitely think certain guys can pull it off!! x

    2. I don't like women in mary janes. Women don't care sometimes evidently. These harem pant's look very comfortable, and I could probably ward off many "basic b#tches" by wearing them... I may have to get a pair. I was reading on another blog that women are saying "not for their man", lol. Take off the Mary Janes and the high wedge sneakers please!!

  2. Men should wear them only if their junk two feet long.