13 November 2012

OOTD | DIY Customised Dress

black sweetheart pick up dress with orange ribbon red beads

customised black beaded strapless dress

hot pink accessories red beads

clashing colour black dressstrapless little black dress customised

black dress with red beads oversize red buttons

black sweetheart pick up dress with red beads

Can you believe these photos were taken on a sunday morning... in November? Anyone would think it's a hot summers day! Although the sun was shining bright it most certainly was not hot! All around our apartment we have beautiful greenery, which looks stunning in certain seasons because of all the rich colours. Isn't the scenery just gorgeous?!

I love bright colours but I like mixing them in with dark colours too, especially black, to give a stark contrast. My FAVOURITE styles are...

* Clashing
* Colour blocking
* Prints (I often clash these too!)

Before I began my DIY and started customising my dress, it started off as a simple, plain black dress with a sweetheart neckline that I brought from New Look. It originally featured a fitted sweetheart bodice with an attached A-line skirt. I decided to customise my dress as I HATE going out and seeing 1 - 2 or sometimes even more girls in the same outfit as me, especially when i'm out raving! It's just not cool... what-so-ever! I wanted the skirt to still be quite baggy but tailored in at the hem, so I decided to do a 'pick up' skirt technique. All it entails is pinching in bits of fabric and securing them down by hand sewing them to wherever you want on the skirt.

I cut 4 lengths of orange ribbon and sewed it to the seamlines in the bodice down to the waist, using my sewing machine. The front seamlines have boning in it, which could make sewing it more tricky but as I had plastic boning in my dress (most probably Rigilene), I didn't encounter that problem!

The red beads are from an old project so thought i'd make them go to good use! I don't like beads all over my garments... I think sporadically placed or placed in a concentrated area looks much nicer. On both sides of the hem, I added a red oversized button to give the dress a bit of character.

This is such a cute dress and can be styled for different occasions, which is fab! I've worn it out clubbing, on a date and in the summer with a light cardi and have received some lovely compliments. I like wearing belts with my dresses too, just to emphasise my hips a little more!) but I guess it depends on the style. I teamed my dress up with bright pink accessories, which looked great with the orange!

What do you guys think of it?


  1. You look fabulous! You are one of the most talented fashion designers out there. Keep on keeping on! x

  2. You look so cute and your dress is gorgeous! I love the clashing colours. Sarah x

  3. Hey!!! thank you so much for visiting my page i always support my fellow bloggers!! and i love this dress on you. the details are on point! You look great, and i can't believe this is a DIY dress very nice love it.


  4. Aww thank you ShariGold, Yes I do love my little details! Glad you like it hun xx

  5. Gorgeous dress!
    Thanks for the comment on my notw post :) now following you, can you follow me too? if thats okay :)