20 January 2013

Mascara Review

A good mascara is like gold dust, but finding one that is within your budget can sometimes be a bit of a mission. I would love the high end ranges but i'm not sure if i'm willing to pay those extortionate prices just yet! So for now, I will stick to the the good but lower budget ranges. Let's start with my two favourites... Rimmel Glameyes Day 2 Night mascara and Maybelline Falsies Volum' Express mascara.

mascara review rimmel day 2 night mascara maybelline falsies mascara

Rimmel Day 2 Night:
This mascara is the shit!!! I absolutely love it. It has two applicators; a lengthening one and also a volume one. A lot of people use both applicators- the lengthening one first and then the volume one. Personally, I mainly use the volume applicator only as I feel this is enough to get the desired look with my eyelashes. It actually feels like my eyelashes double up in thickness and appear longer, which is great as there is definitely a noticeable difference. Sometimes, when using the volume applicator, my eyelashes can get a bit clumpy but i find if i apply it quite quickly and at an angle, then its usually fine!

rimmel day 2 night mascara review

Maybelline Falsies:
This is my second favourite mascara. Again, just like the rimmel one, it makes my eyelashes look lovely and voluminous without giving me a smudged look. I must admit, the brush took a while to get used to as it's made at an angle so can feel a bit odd at first when applying it. It's fab and what's great is that it doesn't clump!

maybelline falsies volum express mascara review

I do like this inexpensive mascara. Not only does it not clump but it makes my eyelashes look significantly darker and fuller. My eyelashes separate very well when using Astor and the bristles on the applicator are very soft too, which is a bonus as it doesn't irritate my eyes as much as some of the others.

astor stimulash volume mascara review

This mascara is quite decently actually. It's a cheap one that i brought off ebay from china. I was intrigued by the applicator brush so thought i'd buy it and test it out. I love the intensity of the black on my eyelashes but the brush isn't that great. It's quite difficult to coat my eyelashes as there aren't any bristles so it doesn't separate my eyelashes when i am applying it, which means that it can get quite clumpy. So... what i do is use this one to get my eyelashes nice and black and then use one of the other brushes from the 3 mascaras to separate my lashes.

mistine volume shock mascara review


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  2. Great post. I LOVE mascara. I too, do not pay extraordinary prices on mascara just yet. LOL. Its all about quality! As long as they make my eyes pop, I'm happy!

    1. Exactly! It's not always needed to spend a fortune on a product when it basically does the same as some of the less expensive ones!

  3. Great post. I love the falsies mascara.

    1. Thank you hun, yes me too although I think my favourite has to be the Rimmel mascara!

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  5. Your blog is very good and interesting , Would you like to follow each other? (: Come follow me and I’ll follow back for sure !