13 March 2011

Uni Life So Far

As many of you are aware, being a student, especially a fashion student, is no easy ride. I'm currently in my  final year of my Foundation Degree and already I am already preparing for my final major collection! Where does the time go? It sure has been a whirlwind although admittedly I have loved every second of this course. I have worked my arse off extremely hard since starting the course, hence why my social life has completely disappeared (the price you have to pay) but boy has it paid off- I have only received two high B grades and ALL the rest are A grades! I am very proud of myself and it just goes to show that hard work, perseverance, ambition and creativity really does pay off, just depends on how badly you want it!

Here are some projects that I have worked on so far:

This was the latest project we did, it was a jacket project but we could choose our own theme. I based my design ideas around african prints and freestyle quilting. This project was a lot of fun and it was the first time i have made a jacket and a lined jacket at that! I've put off doing any designs with lining for so long now as the whole idea of it was daunting to me, but once I got my head round the idea, its actually not that bad!

Jacket project
Jacket project
The green hooded jacket above was my final design. I used a dark green wool and a gold and brown african print fabric. I then did freehand quilting on the printed fabric with thick red embroidery thread.

This was one of my favourite projects as I got the chance to experiment much more with draping and creating patterns from the stand. This project was based around style icons and we had to design a dress for an event. I chose to design my dress for Thandie Newton as she's beautiful, elegant and has an understated style about her. Below are some of my design developments working directly on the stand.

Style Icon
Style Icon
Style icon 
Style icon

Final dress design in baby pink jersey... also made a black one!
Back view- twisted neck and at centre back
Urban streetwear, hmmmm, this theme is soooooo broad but I decided to go with the street chic look. We also had to create a vest top with our own prints on them.

Streetwear Print project
Final design

Above is the toile of my final design. The trousers are a high-waisted paperboy style with exposed zips at centre front and side seams of ankles. They also have deep pockets. I made them cotton drill which is a medium weight fabric, giving them a nice structure. Think they would look fantastic in a softer fabric too such as silk or chiffon.
Streetwear Print Project

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