10 June 2011

Final Major Project

So I have spent the last 3 months working on our final major project. it was a lot of fun but also so much stress with very little sleep. First of all we had to gather all our research for our chosen theme and create a sketchbook... this was fun but it's my least favourite part of the whole process! My final major collection, Summer of Fun, was loosely based around the 1980s and my design inspiration came from Balmain.

I then set about creating my patterns and toiles for the collection. This took the longest amount of time due to lots of panelling detail in my garments. It seemed like it took forever! Now I am not the best machinist in the world so this again slowed down the process... but... I sure learned a lot about which methods work and don't work for me- i unfortunately learned the hard way by spending alot of time that I didn't have unpicking things! I HATE unpicking lol!

So after weeks and weeks of sweat blood and walking around like a zombie. my collection was finally ready! Here is a snippet of some garments at the drawing stage.

I was so excited when it finally came to us showing our collections on the catwalk. On friday June 3rd, my student friends and i made our way down to The Old Truman Bury quite early in the morning. I was extremely tired as i hadn't had any sleep due to my mum braiding my hair throughout the night. As soon as we got there, it was pretty much go go go! I do love fashion shows but sometimes they can be so stressful!

Dress rehearsal was a blimming nightmare for me... it was quite chaotic and some of the models were having a hissy fit as shoes didn't fit them and they refused to wear them. I was one of these unlucky students. One of my models refused to wear the heels that i had brought as they were ONE size too big for her! I'm not being funny but you are getting paid to do a job so why do they moan so much! They was on the catwalk for probably less than 2 minutes so it wasn't that much of a biggie. Anyhoo after much running up and down and a lot of sweating and to no avail, i shamefully begged the designer before me if my model could wear her shoes and she kindly said yes! Phew! Day saved. I could breathe and kinda relax again! 

Our show was at 3.30pm so all the guests started arriving from around 3pm. By now i had done so much running up and down i thought my legs were going to collapse. all of my family and friends came to support me which was lovely. I was quite nervous and a bit agitated before seeing my garments on the catwalk... i don't know why though as it wasn't exactly my first show!

Our end of year Graduate Fashion Show at Free Range 2011 was a success and people seemed to enjoy it.

Here are some photos from the day:

Overall, I must say I was very pleased. It was a good show, everyone was cheering and I was really proud of my collection It's a really good feeling to see everything coming together. The best moment was at the end of the show. It's been a long year and this is the end, so it was a bit emotional. After the show, we went to a restaurant to celebrate. By the time I reached home, I was so tired I crashed out!

L to R- My sis, mum and moi!
Some of my family n friends who came to show me love. X


  1. Thanks for sharing.... I love your designs and this is such an inspiration.