25 October 2012

Sewing A Dart

I've been sewing darts quite a bit recently, so thought i'd share a quick fab tip on how to sew them.
sewing a dart
Mark the top of your dark with some chalk or a tailors tack. Also mark the bottom of the dart legs with a little snip- make sure the snip is within the seam allowance.
how to sew a dart
The dart point should be on the fold. Then fold the dart, aligning the two snips at the bottom of the dart. 

sewing a straight dart
On your sewing machine, make sure that your top thread is long enough to cover the length of your dart. The top thread is the thread that passes through the needle. Sew a few stitches, making sure that you reverse stitch to secure. Then bring the top thread forward and align it in a straight line to the dart point.

how to sew a dart

Sew just inside the thread line and this will give you a perfect straight line. Sew along the line and taper off at the end as per usual. If you find it easier, pin the thread at the dart point so that it stays in place.

And ta da!, you have yourself a perfect straight dart!