26 December 2012

My Week on Instagram #5

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My life on instagram (follow me @moyaahfashion)

Left to right, top to bottom:

1. MOYAAH dress, handmade by me for my beautiful sister. Ruffled layered peplum dress... loving the colourful print!

2. I love bright colours and these shorts were just too cool. I'm really liking the handmade jazzy print.

3. I could literally spend hours in a fabric shop, one of my favourite places to be! 

4. My sister and I at work (Lynnike is in the fur hat) getting our geek chic on! 

5. I love menswear too and will eventually start designing some key menswear pieces. For now I will just post lovely pix lol. Really loving this checked/tartan shirt and blazer combo... SWAG game on!

6. Hello, hello, hello... is all I can say right about now! Ok, this dude Willy Monfret is absolutely beautiful. You can 100% see why he is at the top of his modelling game!

7. Kate Menson, a Ghanian supermodel. Her skin is so beautiful and i'm loving that statement necklace.

8. Sexy ass spiked Louboutins... a girl can dream!

9. Male fashion... I'm loving the simplicity of these two designs but yet the models still give the outfits a bit of an edge.

10. My besties and I at an 80s roller disco for my my friend's (the one on the left) 32nd birthday. I couldn't skate for shit! Its crazy how I used to be the skating queen when I was in my teens but clearly I had forgotten how to do it. lol

11. I really believe that this is true. Rather than the trickle down theory, I strongly believe that is more like the other way... THE TRICKLE UP theory. It's all about the street fashion... that's what sets the trends.

12. Pretty model in african print and gorgeous colours.

13. Kylie Minogue on X Factor 2012 wearing an Anthony Price couture dress. This pleated gold evening dress with an oversized bow is just gorgeous. Beautiful.

14. Just because it's true! 

15. Me with big curly hair earlier this year. I really miss it! lol Reminds me of the 80s!

16. The back of this lace dress is so pretty.

17. MOYAAH green african print dress. I love the shoulders on this dress!

18. Three gorgeous black models, including Jourdan Dunn in an editorial.

19. Love this whole ensemble... The triangle necklace is just too cool yet sexy at the same time and I love the print on the bustier. 

20. More prints but this time in swimwear! Prints prints prints.... so lush! And the model is stunning as well!

21. This is one of my PET HATES. I find it so rude and insulting when people say you're/she's pretty for a dark skin girl... I mean SERIOUSLY, how ignorant can you get? It shouldn't matter about the colour of someone's skin and it should definitely not determine how pretty you are/ Absolutely ridiculous.

22. MOYAAH fitted jacket with an oversized hood and pleated detail at center back. The jacket is fully lined with yellow african print fabric. Lush! One of my favourite jackets ever!

23. Very cool body painting... such pretty colours.

24. MOYAAH print shift dress with ruffles at the neckline. Sexy!


  1. Loving your sister's dress...and the shorts are wonderful.

  2. Love it!


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  3. That looks great. You had a nice week and I like that pics. HAve a nice day.


  4. great outfit! that peplum dress is amazing! lovely blog dear ^^

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    - happy new year♥

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    1. Thanks Vanessa... i'm already following you hun! xx

  6. Love the dress on the first picture!

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